We work closely with leading firms providing expertise and leadership in the area of operations, procurement and supply chain. We pride ourselves on being able to work collaboratively or as an alternative to top tier consulting firms. We can help Private Equity and Venture Capital firms with their portfolio companies when they need rapid results in a timely manner or when they need an interim expert to roll up their sleeves and fill in the gaps. We work on a per diem rate as well contingent basis.  If we can’t identify cost savings opportunities, we don’t get paid. Contact us for a free consultation and see how we can help achieve impact.


Client companies

  • Supporting your strategy & vision
  • Develop impactful solutions
  • Work jointly to execute
  • Joining client teams!

    Direct participation in any and all interactions with suppliers. (Even Supplier Negotiations)

  • Interim expert placements
  • Run training negotiation workshops

Consulting firms

  • Develop proposals

    Scoping the effort and impact - augmenting Firm expertise with topic and functional experts

  • Assist with diagnostics

    Identifying problems and developing strategies and solutions to meet client objectives and goals.

  • Deepening impact identified during a diagnostic

    Bringing industry and role expertise to ensure the shortest and most efficient path to impact

Private Equity / Venture Capital

  • Work with portfolio companies to achieve objectives and goals
  • Work jointly with Managers
  • Provide due diligence
  • Develop performance improvement strategies
  • Provide interim expert roles

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