At Attigo, we help bridge the gap between insight and execution.

Opening a pathway for our clients to achieve both financial and organization impact. We enable clients to use their assets more efficiently, while developing the skills and capabilities their teams need to sustain these results over time.

After spending over 20 years in the manufacturing industry and eight years working at McKinsey and Company, Bennett Gutmann founded Attigo to help Clients unlock the potential that lies untapped in their operations and supply chain teams. We help clients find new approaches to their processes. This not only saves money, it also changes the way teams approach their jobs creating the higher skilled, more capable workforce needed to drive impactful bottom line improvements.

Whether you are a Client Company, Consulting Firm, Private Equity or Venture Capital, or you need us to serve as an advisor, as an interim executive, or as an EXPERT; allow us to partner with you to drive results and make impactful bottom line improvements.Together we can Achieve Impact.


Industries We Specialize In

Industrial Equipment
Consumer Goods
Medical Devices
Enterprise telecom, computing and network storage